Sales from Ktown4U 

AESPA 21,309
NCT DREAM 13,009
WayV 10,023
NCT127 8,117
Red Velvet 7,030
EXO 5,833
SHINee 883
TVXQ 685

Aladin sales (sales index =/= sales volume. Only approximate difference can be inferred)

AESPA 46510
NCT127 41830
EXO 27330
WayV 15510
Red Velvet 12640
SHINee 10190
TVXQ 1450

Yes24 (sales index =/= sales volume. Only approximate difference can be inferred)

NCT DREAM  87057
NCT 127 41259
AESPA 29241
EXO 18129
SHINee 16806
Red Velvet 11430
WayV 10113
TVXQ 2448

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1. NCT DREAM and 127's gap is more severe than I thought. I'm also impressed to see that AESPA sells better than NCT DREAM 

2. Wasn't NCT DREAM always the one top for SM?

3. Do you really expect EXO fans to buy the season's greetings when there's 2 people they hate to see?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. I'm shocked to see that EXO's sales are this low 

5. SUJU aren't getting a season's greetings??

6. We all know it's because of who and who that we're not buying the season's greetings...ㅎ please withdrawㅠㅠ

7. AESPA's season's greetings are freaking selling like hot cakes, theirs is indeed pretty 

8. AESPA are femalei dols but their core must be freaking strong 

9. AESPA are selling as much as top idols now, I realized this when I saw that their album sales are as good as male idols' ㅋㅋㅋ

10. Seriously you guys are ranking anything at this poin t

11. NCT DREAM sure have a lot of haters

12. NCT DREAM are jjang 

13. SHINee is in their hiatus from army so it's understandable..

14. The fact that people think that this was written by a NCT DREAM fan just because you can see how DREAM sells well shows how many trolls they have. Stop pushing your hate on them 

15. It's my first time seeing people rank all the artists of a company like that;;;; I've seen people ranking only members in a group though 

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