Just Jerk, congrats congrats

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1. I was shocked how the first team got 90K votes


3. I was wishing for Just Jerk to win this. Congrats congrats

4. We Dem Boyz did so well at the live broadcast too and unexpectedly, Mbitious ranked 3rd. I was so f*cking anxious not knowing who #1 and #2 wereㅋㅋ Congrats for We Dem Boyz for coming 2nd❤️

5. As expected, congrats congrats

6. Kyahhh!!! I didn't watch it but seems like they won ㅜㅜ Young-J❤️

7. Of course Just Jerk would win. Congrats, the membesr are all handsome

8. Youg-J really seemed to have had a hard time. He even injured his jaw while practicing... when he was giving his speech, he cried talking about his grandma. Seeing someone who doesn't usually cry cry like this brought me to tearsㅠ Just Jerk, congratsㅠ

9. Young-J, you suffered. I hope that your jaw recovers properly..ㅜㅜ Just Jerk, congrats on winning

10. I'm happy to have discovered Young-J in Just Jerk. He's too cool

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