Dalla Dalla, Wannabe and Loco all hit daebak so their Cheshire comeback this time was a bit of a shame
They sold way more than their Sneakers album 
And their skills aren't either
But they totally failed digitally
I feel like they won't get a lot of awards in year end shows either

Seriously, why is that?

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1. [+119, -13]
The female idol market is so saturated that their position seems ambiguous

2. [+100, -11]
To be honest, their performances are good but their songs are bad. Also, I feel like their company is unable to maintain ITZY's buzz. But to createa a buzz, people often rely on noise marketing, so sometimes, the "noise" is too severe so perhaps they think that it's rather more comfortable to have the kids promote peacefully without any mental strain. Just look at how Jang Wonyoung got hate just for eating a strawberry. Jang Wonyoung definitely lives off the buzz so when people look at issues like that, her name gets talked about even more so people end up thinking that she's the hot talk. But unless they have a strong mentality or that their access to internet gets cut off, the constant hate might ultimately torment them. Don't you think that it's weird how celebrities get hated on for every little thing?

3. [+84, -5]
I feel like the members' composition wasn't well-thought.. I'm note hating on anyone in particular but aside from Lia, all the other members seem to be screaming their high tone so every time I listen to their songs, it hurts my ears. I'm not sure if it's because of their singing style or what else but listening to their songs tires my ears and their songs aren't exactly good, so it's really hard for them to perform well digitally

4. [+61, 0]
Didn't Sneakers do better than Locco?

5. [+49, -6]
The ITZY kids are super kind but they aren't the kind of kids that draw people in... Just looking at Yuna, you can tell that her looks are considered the top of the 4th gen but weirdly enough, she creates no buzz at all..

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