They both went to the same salad restaurant

They have the same gym and trainer

"I found a routine in the morning. First of all, I get up and I brush my teeth, drink yogurt and a cup of tea. I learned tea ceremony from a friend but my personality isn't ready for tea ceremonies yet... But I still developed a habit of getting tea in the moning and it makes me start the day in a good way. I usually work out in the morning, so before going out, it wakes up my body and clears my mind. And usually, I drink tea"

Tea ceremony isn't something that is that common, and he said that he developed this hobby recently

Son Naeun is following Lee Soohyuk's private IG 

Son Naeun's frineds among Soshi are Taeyeon and Tiffany and Lee Soohyun are following them. 
He's not following any of the other members

+ Outside of them, Son Naeun and Lee Soohyuk have a lot of overlapping acquaintances, staffs and pictures

This English teacher became close to Son Naeun and Jung Yumi and those 3 even went to an US trip together and they meet each other very often 
Meanwhile, Lee Soohyuk is also following that English teacher on his private account 
He follows other friends that are close to Son Naeun too 

Whether it was on Oh Hayoung's Youtube or another program, when the members saw Naeun, they said that her ideal type is someone who looks exotic 

They have a few overlapping couple items too 

They mentioned the same movie on their IG too 

They released the same caption in a similar time 

"Please reveal your relationship with Lee Soohyuk!!!!"

Recently the fans have been saying that they're dating each other

Meanwhile Son Naeun has followed Lee Soohyuk's best friends GD and Kim Youngkwang

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1. [+47, -7]
You can really be intertwined together in the idol industry with anyoneㅋㅋ It's quite obvious that you're trying to make a relationship rumor out of them? Having the same gym trainer, restaurant that they like, liking the same movies, songs, wearing the same clothes, overlapping acquaintances, etc. those are like the pre-requisites of making an idol dating rumorsㅋㅋㅋㅋ You're way too obvious. The entertainment industry is so small to start with, of course, everyone would overlap to a certain degreeㅋㅋ

2. [+45, -6]
There are tons of celerities that can be intertwined together like the way you did... I'm not gonna mention anyone because their trolls will follow, but there are so many people with similar backgrounds, captions, picture angles, restaurants, poses, etc. if you were to look at idols one by one, you'll find a bunch of them... Of course, I'm nost saying that they're definitely not dating 

3. [+43, -4]
If they're in the same company, they'll have overlapping acquaintances, it doesn't mean they must be dating?

4. [+42, -4]
Nowadays, so many Son Naeun trolls are on Pann, do you really want to spend your whole life bashing Son Naeun..?

5. [+40, -5]
Ugh this is giving me goosebumps, are you a stalker?

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