During Eleven, Leeseo had diverse and pretty hairstyles but ever since Love Dive, they've been insisting on giving her in those ill-fitting hairstyles

More than half of Leeseo's recent hairstyles have been those long straight hair that covers her ears

It looks so suffocating and it rather makes her neck look shorter

Let's look at hairstyles that fit Leeseo

Even with straight hair, she looks more refreshing with one side at the back of her ear

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1. [+40, 0]
That ponytail look was in After Like so what are you saying... also, Leeseo is the maknae so she doesn't wear clothes with a lot of exposure and her styling is consistent. Rather, the other members are the ones with a freaking lot of bad styling..

2. [+32, 0]
What are you saying? All of these are from After Like. They often gave her pretty and cute hairstyles

3. [+29, 0]
But she had that ponytail look in their most recent stage at MAMA though?ㅋㅋㅋ Leeseo actually gets a lot of variety among the members... since she's still a middle schooler, it's hard for her to dye her hair different colors

4. [+20, 0]
It's because you only see pictures of her with that hairstle. She had an interesting hairstyle even when she came back to Korea this time

5. [+13, -1]
She suits brown hair with no yellow tinge. The reason why you find her hairstyle suffocating isn't because of the styling but because the dye faded into this ambiguous color. It's because it washes out her skin tone

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