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1. [+93, -16]
No but since he needs to dye his hair often for promotion, it became like that. Do you really want to mock him for it? Don't you feel bad for him?

2. [+72, -5]
This will get better once he rests. I used to be a bleach maniac and my hair became exactly like that

3. [+67, -3]
I don't know who he is but I'm not trying to mock him. He really needs treatment ASAP. It will get better if he manages it

4. [+38, 0]
Ah seriously, he needs treatment ASAP but because of the length of his promotion, he couldn't get it treated. I hope that he stops touching his hair for a few years

5. [+29, -7]
Did he get into a personality scandal? Why are you doing this?

6. [+16, -1]
Jang Wonyoung was also going through hair loss and I'm not sure if she treated it or if she's covering it but it looks better now. I'm not sure who he is but his hair will grow back if he takes care of it? Hair loss in men comes from the front rather than the parting so it's hard to tell that he's balding

7. [+16, -1]
You're not making a fuss because you're ignorant right? ㅗ OP, I wish you and your 3rd generation to go through hair loss

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