"Song Joongki, dating a beautiful British woman... "continuing our good relationship"

"Article: "Was Song Joongki not enough?" Song Hyekyo reaching her 40's, embroiled in another relationship rumor"

QRT: "Was Song Hyekyo not enough?" Song Joongki, embroiled in another relationship rumor"
- Reply: The difference between how journalists treat Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo is too funny"

Every time a female and male celebrity get into a dating scandal, the difference in reaction is just too funny
Male celebrities who have way more dating scandals and who have pr*stit*tion scandals are getting way less hate than Song Hyekyo for getting into many dating scandals

It's to the point where I start wondering if Song Hyekyo is getting way too much excessif hate. As soon as there's an article about her, there's always kids int he comments making shady comments

Song Joongki is dating a foreigner right now but if a female celebrity like Jennie was dating a foreigner, she'd get so much hate and receive so many s*xual comments

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1. [+288, -17]
Seriously, if Song Hyekyo was the one dating a Westerner and arrived together in the country with ihm like that, just imagine the amount of s*xual remarks she'll get..

2. [+192, -15]
The reason why I find it ridiculous that Song Hyekyo is treated as someone who's "crazy about men" is the fact that people think that men will really stay still in front of a face like hersㅋㅋ It's not like Song Hyekyo was holding a knife and threatening them to date her. It's even more surprising if you put young and good looking actors together for a few months of filming and expect them not to date

3. [+167, -18]
What do you expect from Korea who hates women?

4. [+153, -9]
Even if it was the same dating scandal, the woman will always get the bigger blow

5. [+84, -14]
Female idols and female actresses have always gotten the bigger blow and more hate than male idols and male actors

6. [+72, -25]
Song Hyekyo could do better since the beginning anyways

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