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The man isn't pushing too hard in an uncomfortable way, just how nice is this?

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Seulki who told Dongwoo that she didn't want to go into the pool is in the pool now. Dongwoo kept asking her how she found him and pressing her with his questions so that's why she felt burdened. It's way more charming when a man isn't being impatient and is slowly getting closer to you... It's impossible not to have your heart flutter when he's the only one looking at you

3. [+108, -1]
Ep.1 and 2 were too boring so I thought that S2 would fail without a doubtㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ they did well adding the new contestant faster

4. [+103, -1]
Ah... she said that she hate swimming though... as expected, you act different when you start liking someone

5. [+97, 0]
Please I hope that these two last until the end and date

6. [+44, 0]
I was wondering if Seulki didn't want to go into the pool with Dongwoo because he said that he was a plastic surgeon... because if she went into the pool and that her boob job was obvious, she'd be embarrassed and he'll get turned off

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To the people who haven't started watching it yet, you can just skip ep.1-2, just start watching from ep.3

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