Neymar was crying while leaving but still went and hug the Croatian kid
Let's go to Everland, I'll buy you a churros...

"They got defeated by Croatia and he was leaving while being f*king in tears"

"But a Croatian kid came up to him and he went to hug him"

"Maybe it's because he's a dad himself, he has always been nice towards kids"

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Even when he came to our country, there were kids who went out to give him support? and there was a kid who partnered up with him and the kid pointed at Neymar's foot asking if his injury was ok. But since he didn't understand Korean, he thought that he asked for his soccer shoes so when the game was over, he gifted the shoes to the kid and was walking, greeting people and did the interview barefoot... he's so sweet

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But Brazilian athletes' manners are really good... Neymar is seriously cool

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I thought that Brazil was gonna win

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He's good at soccer, kind, handsome and he's even sweet. You're telling me that a man can be this perfect?

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Even the Brazilian kids are super mannerly. Richarlison also likes Sonny a lot ㅜ

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Neymar looks brusque but he's full of manners. Every time he acts like this, I get reminded of Ronaldo..

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