What's worse is that this is from Dice's official MV
When they are dancing the dance break, the camera only films Kyujin 
And what's with that shadow duplication scene..? Is that her solo MV?
They turned Kyujin into ten people and the lyrics went "we NMIXX!"
Aside from this gif, the overall MV was seriously severe
Some of the members only appeared for a few seconds

If you lined up the 4th gen girl group centers,
Jang Kyujin attracts so little attention that she would be considered a side character even between the side characters
But when it comes to the amount of push that a company gives, she's #1
She also gets the most amount of part distribution and she also was given the "big wave" killing part
They also give her all the center parts and has all the MV screen time
I feel like she's so pushed that it's to the point that other members are being pushed in the storage room. Just why?

Nowadays, in order for a group to hit big, companies usually push all the members
Seeing them put their all-in in her and push her like that just seem so outdated
If someone of Jang Wonyoung or Karina's level was pushed like that, I'd understand but why Kyujin?

Anyways, even if they push her like that, everyone only cares about Sullyoon...ㅇㅇ
Ultimately, they are even more hopeless now that Jinni left but
I think that the reason why NMIXX is the weakest 4th gen group is because they pushed Kyujin

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1. [+217, -9]
This is just proof that JYP is f*cking bad at reading trends. Nowadays, rather than skills, people are more drawn to visuals that can enchant people so those kids are usually the ones who are centers. For example, Jang Wonyoung, Karina or Haerin? If not, they should fairly distribute the parts and centers between members like Le Sserafim. But JYP doesn't even stop after putting a member that attracts no attention and who's only good at dancing, but even pushes her the most. But at the same time, Sullyoon doesn't fit the concept enough to be put in the center or they'll just end up like Miss A. So that's why they should've put Jinni as the center before making the final decision, tsk

2. [+197, -12]
JYP's management probably thought that she would be the stan attractor and that's why they pushed her... but nobody is thinking this way

3. [+193, -12]
No matter how pretty Sullyoon is, she's not center material and no matter how talented Kyujin is, she's not center material. The one who was worthy of being the center was Jinni but honestly, who's gonna be the center now?....

4. [+171, -11]
They push her so much that even in MAMA, she was the only one on top of the set. It does make me wonder "just why?" Everyone will think that she would be Jang Wonyoung-level or something

5. [+165, -7]
Nowadays, not everyone who's a good performer and who's talented should be the center... Also, all of the 4th gen kids are talented so I'm not even sure if Kyujin stands out that much in terms of skills

6. [+128, -7]
To be honest, even though Kyujin is very talented, she doesn't have the star factor as a celebrity so she kinda has that "talented kid from your middle/high school talent show" vibe

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