She finally debuted 7 years after training and she's been telling fans how much it felt like a dream to become an idol. She's been saying how she'll work hard and how thankful she is that people are loving her. Seriously it makes no sense

- To the NSWERs who came until the last broadcast!!! Thank you so so much .... Seriously you're being a huge strength to me all the time... 
We have so many overnight shootings for music shows tooㅠㅠㅠ Thank you so so much for waking up in the middle of the night as if we're having our schedules all togetherㅜㅜㅜ Thanks to you, I'm getting so much strength to perform on stage. 
Our NSWER who are enduring through it all! I'm always grateful and I love you ㅜㅜ NMIXX will always stay by NSWER's side, so NSWER too!!! Whenever you're having a hard time, or you're fed up!! We'll become the support to NSWER!!!!! NMIXX will rest a little bit behind the scenes and for next comeback, we will make more more more memories and good times with more more more NSWERs...

- Lastly, Thank you for loving NMIXX! 
In the future, let's make good memories only too! 
There were so many happy memories during this promotion... 
And so many happy moments... That's why I became an idol!!! Of course happiness won't be far away right?!!!!!!

- Thank you!! Seriously I did so well grinding my teeth through this and enduring the 7 years!! How cam I receive so much love and support... 
- Me too I'm still clumsy and lacking a lot but! I'll be working hard slowly 

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1. [+515, -102]
Should've kicked out the school violence Lia or Hyunjin insteadㅋㅋㅋ They're just kicking out the kind kidㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+435, -9]
Bang Yedam also trained for 7 years straight and withdrew... Jinni also trained 7 years and withdrew... They threw away their childhood for 7 years and endured everything to debut..

3. [+356, -2]
But isn't 7 years considered a long time for trainees...? It's my first time being this taken aback by a withdrawal 

4. [+275, -13]
But the fact that she's saying stuff like "Lastly" all the time, she probably expected this 

5. [+269, -3]
What's even more unfathomable is that she wouldn't cause any troubles if she worked this hard to debut... Is she maybe sick??

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