Their comeback was so bad and considering how it's only been 5 days since the MV came out, their views are way too low. Their results on the charts aren't good either. RV was narrowly maintaining their spot as the last-ranked A-list idols but I feel like they've been pushed to the B-list now.

When there's a shift of generation among female idols, the general public's interest usually goes to the younger idols so I feel like they are seen as outdated now.

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1. [+135, -23]
Even so, I feel like if RV released a song like Psycho right now, they'll be able to rebound. Isn't their core solid?

2. [+129, -7]
I just feel like they were given a bad song this time. Even during RBB, people were wondering if RV as gonna start flopping

3. [+58, -8]
Everyone stayed silent with Feel My Rhythm did well. Usually, they would release good songs and release something like RBB, and then release a good song again.

4. [+55, -12]
Every time they release a new song, people are calling them has-beens and then they release another song that does well, and their results go up again. Seeing how they are still able to sell well and that they are still popular mean that their core must be really solidㅋㅋ

5. [+42, -43]
It's true that they might not always create a buzz with so much senority but they are still a popular group. But I just wish that their fans would stop saying that they are the first at trying this or that concept

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