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Q: What do you think is the biggest contributor behind studying? Your intelligence/brain//head VS hard work 

A: Honestly I feel like it's all about your head... 
Actually even if you studied harder than others, you'll slowly realize it yourself. 
That (because you're smart), you're able to solve things easier and you're able to do stuff better. 
I feel like you're able to persist longer too 
My dad actually studied a lot 
I feel like genes have to influence to a certain extent 

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1. [+144, -1]
Honestly, just doing math, you can feel it right away no..ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+130, -2]
Just like physical education and arts, it's all about your talents. Even music is all about your talents.. Why do you think it would be different for studies..

3. [+121, -1]
I just feel like the difference in this world is all created through genes. Everything is either nature or nurture. The only thing that can change nature is your environment, but this means that if not, the rest is all influenced by your genes.

4. [+92, -1]
Seriously even your concentration level is about genes, that's what I've realized.. 

5. [+71, -0]
Don't forget, people are human too.. Genes are the most important. Of course hard work and the environment influence you, but one thing that is inevitable are your genes. That's why even among animals, nothing is fair. The world is just unfair~ 

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