(They talked about award shows on the Vilive just now) 
Taehyun: Onsite, you can hear the live pretty well
Beomgyu & Yeonjun: That's true
Beomgyu: But the transmission...
Taehyun: The transmission
Beomgyu: We reallly couldn't hear it right?
Taehyun: Thats why we had some issues with the QR sheet. Anyways, aside from Bighit's 15 years anniversary event, we've never performed without doing ti live.

Now, people can stop trollingㅋㅋ How unfairly treated they must've felt that they had to mention it. You guys know that Bighit forces people in doing live so until when are you going to use their live as a hate?

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1. [+108, -2]
But the fact that Bighit's 15 year anniversary event was the only one without live is kinda funnyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+71, -3]
Just watch their stage fancam and you'll be able to hear it. If you watched MAMA's Lonely Boy video, you'll hear their live. Stop gaslighting with the lipsync 

3. [+60, -3]
TXT are good at performing live, I saw their live in Japan with the white background and they did so wellㅇㅇ

4. [+55, -3]
It must've been so unfair for them. What is MMA doing?

5. [+55, -2]
You can even hear their voice crack and make other mistakes. They don't lipsync. Live for them is the best. TXT are so cool for performing live. I'll look up their stage

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