She has 2.2M followers and she's a fansite for V called V Nuna 
She didn't fundraise those events, she funded herself 

1. 2 weeks city bus tour 

1. Yongsan Hybe's 7-Eleven wrapping ad

3. Hybe front gate bus stops ads (4 versions)
3-1. Osaka, Tokyo and Fukuoka bus stop ads (3 versions) 

4. Incheon airport 60m tunnel video ad

5. Preparing 10 birthday media for 10 Japanese districts

6. Sky Park Central Myeongdong photo zone 

6-1. Hongdae/Myeongdong/behind Hybe/Tokyo/Dubai birthday cafes (photobooth and distributing goods)

+ For these events, 6 people will win the Sky Park Hotel V's room among other prices

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1. [+98, -11]
Yah Nuna V nim is seriously god-level seriously 

2. [+91, -9]
The fact that she's putting Taehyung everywhere with overflowing affection like that shows how good this fansite is. To the haters wanting to drag her, don't touch god-nuna nim 

3. [+87, -10]
This is the most popular fansite among all BTS fansites. Her scale is just different 

4. [+73, -8]
Wow seriously Nuna V nim is daebak 

5. [+72, -8]
She's freaking amazing. In case there are comments here trying to alienate some BTS members here, just ignore them. Don't turn this comment section into an akgae war 

6. [+31, -1]
When V was doing the Starry Night DJ, I saw her nearby, she lined up for 2 days in a row and her affection is really genuine. She treasures V to deathㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

7. [+30, -3]
She did all this by herself??? How is this possible with one fansite...? Is she a chaebol?????

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