[enter-talk] WHAT IS HYUNA AND DAWN DOING???????

F*ck imagine breaking up and leaving this behind... They seriously should've done it moderately

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1. [+239, -1]
Even if they've never broken up... And even if they went all the way to their wedding... Doing this in public is a bit

2. [+152, -1]
Honestly it's not a good look 

3. [+144, -4]
Sighㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Tsk tsk in the future, I wonder if she'll be able to show it to her husband and kids honorably 

4. [+82, -82]
Anyways the men who want to date Hyuna have greatly been reduced

5. [+71, -68]
If you didn't pull stuff like that, lots of people wouldn't know about it, just remove this

6. [+40, -1]
Honestly both of them need to be investigated for drug use

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