As a result of an coverage of News 1 on the 2nd, Cho Gue-sung and Haram's older sister A, a member of the group Billie, have been dating for several years.

A, the lover of Cho Gue-sung, has beautiful looks, and has a pretty face similar to Billlie member Haram.

According to people close to him, Cho Gue-sung and A proudly opened up about their relationship, such as having a couple meal with acquaintances. In particular, Cho Gue-sung, who was discharged last September, maintained a firm love by continuing his devotion to A even during his enlistment period.


A Dispatch article is out

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1. I can't believe that trolls are still writing relationship rumors articles when he's in the middle of such an important competition 

2. Ugh can they leave him alone?

3. No but why should we know about this... Isn't she just a commoner?

4. So why did the first person even got into a rumor with him... 

5. But who cares? Didn't he say that he already has a girlfriend?

6. Who cares? I'm honestly not curious

7. No but... Releasing this kind of article on the day of his match is not it....

8. Imagine writing this kind of article the day our national athlete has to compete for us damn...

9. No but we're on the day of the competition 

10. She's not even a celebrity but a commoner, she's pitiful 

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