I feel like they'll probably need an agency but... TS failed
I still listen to Sky Diving and Warrior

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1. The manknaes have yet to enlist... Maybe they should solve the army issue first?

2. Please that's my wish 

3. There's a criminal so a full group reunion is...
> Aside from that guyㅠ  Him criminal is seriously... 

4. They're still meeting the 5 of them so let's go. Seriously they were legendary 

5. I still listen to BAP's songs 

6. I have a huntch that BAP will reunite

7. Wow this is my wish, I feel like they'll do well if they reunitedㅜㅜ 

8. Since Kim ssi broke ties with the members himself, I'm fine with it 

9. Youngjae just went to the army and said that all 5 of them met up!! Everyone are still in touch with each other so I'm looking forward an album maybe in the future~

10. As soon as they resolve their army issue, I feel like it'll be possible 

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