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I watched a Q&A video about Koreans living overseas
And they said that K-pop was considered a "nerd culture", is it true?...
To the readers living in the U.S., please tell me.. 

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1. No matter what anyone says, it's pretty close to a nerd culture

2. Yup

3. Yeah, it's kinda treated like people who like anime in our country

4. But isn't it famous? Isn't Bangtan just viewed as a pop singer?

5. It's kinda like the people in our country who like Japanese anime... They don't view Bangtan as K-pop

6. I know that Bangtan kinda removed themselves from the "k-pop" category, so they give another vibe. In the West, k-pop = same culture with people liking Japanese anime. Even if there are a lot of YouTube comments about it, k-pop fans around the world > Korean k-pop fans so it's not that weird to read foreign comments about k-pop either...But I think that BP also kinda got rid of the "k-pop" tag

7. Yup, it's kind of like an otaku vibe?

8. Yup, but Bangtan are a bit different

9. The "fangirl" culture in our country isn't really a major culture so I feel like it's even worse overseas

10. Aside from the groups that consistently rank on Billboard, it's true...

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