What a shame..ㅠ

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1. Miss A... There's more chance that they'll never reunite

2. Why would they reunite when the team's atmosphere is like that?
> What about the team's atmosphere?
>> We can't talk about it... There were so much bad rumors circulating, I bet from their point of view it's already too late no?

3. I think there's absolutely no way they'll ever reunite

4. There's no way they will 

5. Never say never

6. But aside from KARA and Soshi (who by the way never officially disbanded), nobody else reunited no? They need to all be on the same page + schedules need to match perfectly, but this isn't easy for anyone. And honestly their team dynamic rumor is still never confirmed

7. Aren't the Chinese members all in China now?

8. With foreigners in the group, it'll be hard no? And they can't even promote in our country 

9. I'm pretty sure they won'tㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. Their team dynamic rumors aren't fact, and it's better just not to mention it. The Chinese members are promoting in China and are modelling more luxury brands, they're successful so they have no need to come back to Korea

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