She remarried so he's the stepfather
The kid is just pitiful

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We can literally just submit those clips from the broadcast directly to the police????

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I hate this. Why is he forcing the kid in between his legs? This is seriously shocking. Even if he was her real father, at 7 years old, these kinds of actions are cautiously made. The mother needs to wake up 

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I don't feel like he loves his wife, rather, he sees the daughter as a s*x object... She's weaker than him and has no strength at all so she's just a victim of this and he seems delighted about it.. Oh Eunyoung tried to remain proper for the broadcast but she said it herself "I seriously wonder what kind of things went in his brain because nobody knows" (t/n: Oh Eunyoung: TV personality and psychiatrist, host of the show)

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The kid doesn't like it, why must he... And the hand positioning damn... 

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I watched the show with my mom and my male dongsaeng and they all started swearing at the man for being insane and asked why he was touching the kid? She literally isn't enjoying it? 


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1. This will give her PTSD... She hates it, why is he insisting on "joking" and acting close with her?

2. The kid definitely hates it.. 

3. Wow this angers me so much..

3. ... What about the mom? Do you think we can just report this show and it's over? We should use this video to report child mo**station??? The man is insane 

4. F*ck the mom sitting next to them can't be the mom right?? She just watches???

5. Imagine what he does to her when the mom isn't around. It worries me 

6. The kid is way too pitiful... Please save her 

7. Even a blood related father doesn't do this type of skinship 

8. Wow.. This is disgusting 

9. This shouldn't go on broadcast but to the police 

10. He was caught on public TV being a criminal and everyone is just watching 


In the 20th episode of 'Marriage Hell', which aired on the 19th, the concerns of a couple who are in conflict over raising their 7-year-old daughter were drawn. The couple was a step-married family, and the daughter called her stepdad 'uncle'.


The wife, who even reported the violent husband's behavior as child ab*se, said, "It's so painful. Others can see it as a joke, but the sound of the child saying, 'Please help mom' is so painful."

Dr. Oh Eunyoung, who watched this, said, "I always tell my children not to touch other people's underwear and not to show their own underwear. When they are over 5 years old, I tell parents of the opposite sex not to directly touch their child's genital area when taking a bath. You need to show the child that you respect them and that this is clearly not something "symbolic"".

In the midst of this, the scene was deleted from the rebroadcast.  We also couldn't find Dr. Oh Eunyoung's firm advice for married couples either.


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1. Disgusting 

2. Abolish the show you crazy f*ckers

3. I'm so f*cking pissed off by how Oh Eunyoung acted in this show, if I were her I would've f*cking scolded the mom and the dad

4. And nobody reported this? Just how is this possible?

5. Seriously this is so disgusting I feel like dying 

6. Anyone could tell it was S/A. I suggest the f*ckers who are defending this scene to give me your explanation 

7. This is child m***station that was broadcasted on TV, do you think that they're even trying to help the kid when she's showing how much she hates it?

8. This trash f*cker got caught red handed and we're ont even gonna punish him?

9. Why are people swearing at Oh Eunyoung..

10. How is he not getting punished?

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