Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

We are informing you that after a long discussion with the iKON members (Kim Jinhwan, Bobby, Song Yunhyeong, Goo Junhoe, Kim Donghyuk, and Jung Chanwoo) about their future activities, out of respect for each other’s opinions, we agreed to end our exclusive contract following the expiration of their contract period.

The six members of iKON will of course be continuing their activities as the group “iKON” in the future, and we are also letting you know that they will continue to communicate with iKONIC [iKON’s fans] through their official social media accounts, including their official fan community Weverse, just as they are now.

We sincerely thank iKON, who has been with us as one of our agency’s artists up until now. We are looking forward to their future activities in a wide variety of fields, and we will be cheering them on.

Additionally, we also thank the iKONIC who were together with us for iKON’s journey. We ask that you continue to give the members your unchanging interest and encouragement as they prepare for a new start.

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1. Wow so they're all leaving 

2. What a fcking waste for Kim Jinhwan..

3. Did Winner leave YG...? I thought Winner was from YG
> Nop nop Winner renewed their contract

4. YG seriously sucks as a company, they're only liked because they have BlackPink 

5. If you look at the controversies the members have, you can understand why they're leaving YG. They have the drugs allegations and now premarital pregnancy, and it created problems for them, every time they try again, they just get in trouble again 

6. I feel like they've had enough opportunities... When they debuted, their momentum was so good, but this makes me feel bad for them 

7. Congrats to the members without controversies for escaping this company, I hope you succeed once you're out 

8. iKON suffered a lot 

9. Bobby, Goo Joonhoe and Kim Jinhwan, those 3, if they released something digitally, I feel like they'll be able to do wellㅋㅋ it's a shame that I won't be able to see those 3 in an unit anymore 

10. I've followed M&M closely and this is taking me by surprise, I'm kinda sad
11. They were in a severe situation, one guy leaves because of his controversy and another one becomes a dad, I already knew that they won't be able to go far 

12. I feel bad for Kim Jinhwan 

13. It reminds me of the times with 2NE1 when they just ruthlessly terminated their contract

14. I wouldn't push them if I were the company either... They have way too many controversies

15. iKON's controversies aside, their talents were f*cking wasted. They're so good on stage... I hope that they can find a new company and keep promoting as a group 

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