Wonder Girls Hyuna
Debut 2007/2/10
Withdrawal 2007/7/30 - 5 months

Wonder Girls' agency JYP Entertainment, said on the 30th, "Hyuna has withdrawn from the group due to personal circumstances."
In a phone call with OSEN, an official from Wonder Girls' agency said, "Hyuna is suffering from chronic gastroenteritis, so the final decision to withdraw from the team was made."

2PM Park Jaebum
Debut 2008/9/4
Voluntary leave 2009/9/8 - 1 year
Announcement of Contract Termination February 25, 2010 (JYP's official notice) (Issues with his private life)

Day6 Joonhyuk
Debut 2015/9/7
Withdrawal 2016/2/27 - 5 months

"Joonhyuk, who has been active as a member of DAY6 until now, has left the team due to personal circumstances and has also terminated his exclusive contract with the company."

Stray Kids Woojin
Debut 2018/3/25
Withdrawal 2019/10/28 - 1 year and 7 months

"Woojin, who has been with Stray Kids for a while, has left the team due to personal circumstances and terminated his exclusive contract."

Debut 2022/2/22
Withdrawal 2022/12/9 - 10 months

"Jinni, who has been with NMIXX for a while, has left the team due to personal circumstances.
The exclusive contract has been terminated.

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1. Park Jaebum wasn't kicked out but left voluntarily?? I still don't know why he left and I don't know what went down either. As a fan of another group, I thought that they kicked him out because of his hateful speech on his SNS but it made no sense. I know that he had his personal reasons but I'm just curious

2. At this rate, the company is the issue here

3. But for Day6... he was the one who got into trouble by himself

4. So Stray Kids did kick out a member before...

5. Hyun only promoted for 5 months? What's up with her impact?;;

6. Day6's was due to his own fault and Jay Park was kicked out, I don't understand the remaining...

7. Why did Jinni leave?? She was starting to get famous for being pretty but does she think that she's not fit for the celebrity life?? It wasn't like she was the unpopular member??

8. But what's funny is that they are still keeping that school-violence-dol but another idol who trained for 7 years, gave up school, gave up on her entrance exam and barely debuted for a year was ditched so easily like that..ㅋㅋ it's indeed a bit funny

9. It's my first time seeing that NMIXX Jinni kid, she's so pretty

10. It's my first time learning that someone from Day6 and Stray Kids leftㄷㄷ... what's wrong with this company?

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