Six days after the news of NMIXX's Jinni (real name Choi Yoonjin) suddenly withdrawing from the group, there are concerns about the spread of malicious rumors about the reason for her withdrawal. Netizens are arguing that rumor spreaders should be legally dealt with strictly, and that JYP are responsible for it.

On the 14th, photos of Jinni were being deleted in real time from the official Instagram of NMIXX, which is operated by the agency JYP Entertainment. As a result, Jinni's traces in NMIXX have been completely erased. The day before, the release of NMIXX's Youtube content was also canceled.

In response, netizens said, “Why are you erasing her traces so quickly?” “All she did was likable until now, this is way too sudden.”. "You're still keeping the DUI offenders and the school violence assailants, this is what you're doing to a minor?" "If you're going to act like that, why not cancel the Season's Greetings that includes Jinni too?".


The agency kept quiet about Jinni's specific reason for leaving, only briefly mentioning it as 'personal circumstances'. Earlier, at the time of Stray Kids Kim Woojin's departure, JYP did not mention the specific reason, saying, "Woojin, who has been with Stray Kids for a while, has left the team and terminated his exclusive contract due to personal circumstances." Along with Woojin's withdrawal, his profile was also deleted from Stray Kids' official website and SNS.

There are also reactions claiming 'personal circumstances' is rather inducing rumors. In fact, some netizens speculated that "JYP, which doesn't even terminate members with controversy over drunk driving and school violence, is instead expelling people because of privacy issues."  [...]

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1. It's kinda funny how they refuse to cancel the Season's Greetings 

2. Seriously this is so irresponsible 

3. They could've just kicked her out, but why are they making even more noise now? I'm curious 

4. They're so wrong for this 

5. One of my close friend is an NSWER and she said that it has to be something really big? 

6. The fact that they're not cancelling the Season's Greetings is f*cking hilarious 

7. The fact that the members they kick out are still promoting everywhere is also interesting. And I feel like they all get kicked out the same way 

8. We all know that they're dating though 

9. Sticking to the criminals but kicking out people over the weirdest reasons is even more bizarre

10. Just why?

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