They went to Japan to attend the AAA awards

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1. We never had her own point of view or a greeting, she just disappeared in one instant. The way they treat people is damn scary 

2. No but this is just unbelievable, I'm not even an NIXX fan but Jinni has grabbed my attention ever since her first appearance on JYP's video on Youtube and I've rewatched her video dancing with the chair in her pre-debut so many times. This is just too sudden. I can't believe she just left like that... I don't know if they thought that it was better to remove her during their debut days, but me too I'm wondering if that was the best decision they could take, the fans must be tormented

3. Sigh... It can't be helped that someone left, but I hope the rest of the members gain courage and do well 

4. Their OT7 combination was way too good ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ What a shame... 

5. She trained for so long and I still remember the JYP sunbaes being moved that Jinni was finally debuting.. ㅠ 

6. I'm indeed curious, I wonder if we'll be able to see her promote individually... 

7. Was it really a withdrawal? She's endured through so much just to debut 

8. The fact that she's not there anymore feels so empty... The kids must be having it hard too 

9. I hope people sue the ones spreading rumors too, is it bad that she left the company..?

10. JYP does it once and they'll do it the same way every time

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