"I will always love you"

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1. Jonghyun, are you well? I hope you are happy. I always miss you 

2. Jonghyun oppa how have you been??? I love you!

3. Every time December hits, I miss him awfully. I miss him 

4. I miss you Jonghyun-ah
Jonghyun-ah I always wish you happiness

5. Jonghyun-ah I love you 

6. Jonghyun-ah how are you? You're at peace right? Don't hurt anymore... 

7. Jonghyun-ah I love you 

8. That day has already come... I miss you 

9. I have so much I want tto tell you but.. I'll say the most important thing, I love you 

10. Hyun-ah I'm still here, even after 5 years

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