1. Red Velvet 'Sunny Side Up!'

A summer song with a reggae style
Many people said that the lyrics were fresh as they were comparing a "some" relationship to a fried egg.
The choreography came out prettily and the outfits were pretty too.

But the title track was Zimzalabim

Wheter they were muggles or fans, a lot of people's reactions to the song were "what is this?"
The outfits were also as ridiculous as the song.
But there are some positive reactions right now such as people saying "it's a song made for concerts" or "you'll get addicted to it later".

2. Aespa 'Illusion'
It's a song that was already a hot topic just with promotional performance videos even before their music show appearance.
The song aside, there were consistent positive responses about the dance being well-made.
Even those who disliked the world view of Kwangya  and Naevis responded well to the lyrics that could be easily heard.
The song also charted longer than the title track.

And the title track of the album was 'Girls'

A lot of reviews said that the song was too noisy and that they were tired of the repetitive Kwangya shoving. 
It's to the point that Aespa's fire after 'Next Level', 'Savage' and 'Dreams Come True' was put down for a little while with this promotion.

It feels like SM will always pick the noisier song even if 2 songs were similar.
Of course, this is just OP's assumption

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1. The title songs do have that title feel though regardless of whether they were good or bad

2. But I feel like both of these side tracks sounded like side tracks so I understand why they picked the other ones as titles. Also, I feel like Girls would've been fine if they promoted a little longer and that people got used to it more

3. For real, I was expecting so much from Girls because of how hyped it was

4. Among the songs there, I can get that they were more title worthy. The issue is that the title track needs to be put in an album surrounded by songs that make it worthy to be a title track

5. I liked the title tracks more in both examplesㅋㅋ Seems like SM's selection process is similar to my tasteㅋㅋ

6. I liked Zimzalabim though? I listened to it way more than Sunny Side Up!..

7. If you keep listening to them, you'll get why they are title tracks..

8. The teasers for Girls were seriously good

9. The songs are goof but it doesn't mean that they should be title tracks either

10. I really liked Sunny Side Up! But Zimzalabim was too much of a title track

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