This was today, her heart mate who used to always do hearts with her disappeared.... Sullyoon Jinni...

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1. [+162, -3]
Wow for real this breaks my heart

2. [+161, -6]
No but her expression is seriously like those expressions that people make when they realize that a habit they used to to with someone significant is suddenly not there anymore... This is so sad

3. [+67, -6]
ㅠ Yoona-yah please hold it together

4. [+62, -165]
After seeing the post exposing them, why do I find both of them so so (t/n: not sure what expose post they're taking about, if anyone knows a link, please post in the comments!)

5. [+55, -3]
Ah seriously I'm crying, save Sullyoonjin ㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. [+40, -37]
But both of them were the dating-members no?

7. [+26, -40]
After watching the exposing video, Sullyoon should also quit the group and just hang out with Jinni 


I f*cking pity Haewon and Kyujin... 
And Sullyoon shocked me 

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1. [+116, -7]
If this is true, they would've gotten their pictures leaked like ATEEZ's Yunho.... The moment they went out at night for a walk, their pictures would've gotten taken already. This is just rumors

2. [+108, -7]
That DC post was legendary lies. The reason is because NMIXX are still rookies so they have to get their manager unnie's approval and you think that this is plausible????? And why are you guys even more shocked that there's no pictures? F*ckㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+105, -4]
Am I the only one who feels like this post just shows how much NMIXX are getting sworn at recently? Today, we had a post about hwo NMIXX is a flop because Kyujin is the center, and there was this other post about Hyewon's head size and proportions... Why are they getting so much hated on suddenly 

4. [+95, -11]
There's not a single proof of it, who would believe such lies?

5. [+62, -4]
isn's this weird? The exposer didn't even release a single picture and especially the fact that they don't have a single picture of Jinni aside from her picture during her debut days?? Honesly, how can people believe this? NMIXX are rookies and a girl group from JYP, so their recognition aren't at the bottom floor, and you're telling me that an idol dating, even if they were really nobodies, will have no picture proof? 

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