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1. [+134, -9]
Isn't he the guy who bullsh*tted to an international fan saying annyeonghaseyo and he replied "I'm Chinese okay?" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Then why did he do KPOP? He could've just went for CPOP

2. [+104, -4]
His comment aside, why are his hair and make up like that? Is this a circus?

3. [+93, -5]
Isn't it just because he's a nobody? He's a f*cking nobody in our country at least.

4. [+86, -13]
I feel like JYP terminated his contract because they didn't want to get dragged into political issues like that. They terminated all the Chinese trainees' contracts and switched over to Australian trainees

5. [+74 ,-5]
As expected from a Chinese

6. [+46, -1]
Isn't his nationality Hongkonese? For someone who was wearing a HK flag on his fencing uniform, he's quite low 

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