[enter-talk] HOW IS THIS THE AURA OF A 17 Y.O?

IVE Leeseo...
How is this a 17 y.o that became a high schooler?

I'm seriously curious as to how she'll look like at 20 y.o....

But when she gets cute styling, she's a maknae princess

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1. [+139, -5]
But how to describe Leeseo... she exactly looks like "IVE"

2. [_49, -2]
Baby Leeseo's article title today "is she a baby?"

3. [+40, -1]
This was a behind picture of her debut profile and her aura was a bit different than now. She looked more mature

4. [+36, -1]
Her aura...

5. [+25, -1]
Heart Leeseo

6. [+22, -1]
I was looking at her M Countdown fancam and realized this. She's definitely gonna get more famous with age

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