He could've just said that he likes fall (T/n: autumn/fall = "gaeul") but why does he have to mention the name???ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ why does he have to push it so much and make it obvious?

"- I like fall the most
- I wished there was a The B with the name "gaeul""

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1. [+117, -23]
But seriously, to say something on the day of Gaeul's birthday is....
> [+44, -2]: Agree, if he didn't say it on her birthday, I would've just called out OP for being mentally ill but why would he say that on her birthday... although there's a higher chance that he doesn't know that it was her birthday..

2. [+57, -16]
Seems like DIVEs keep overrating Gaeul here... how can you guys claim that Miyeon and Gaeul are similar? They don't look alike at all (T/N: there were rumors about Jaehyun and Miyeon dating previously)

3. [+40, -34]
Miyeon and then, Gaeulㅋㅋ Hyunjae's taste is f*cking consistent

4. [+35, -40]
Don't feed the trolls
"Let's go"

5. [+24, 0]
Just how many trolls does Lee Jaehyun have?;; aren't you guys tired of starting ridiculous stuffs? Seriously, whya re you guys like this?

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