Seeing the fancams of the Gayo Daejejun, her boot looked like that from the start of the performance but she still danced and performed like it was nothing. I seriously didn't know before watching the fancam. Her shoe was falling off but her poker face was daebak

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1. [+115, -4]
Where did they get this hurriedly constructed shoe from? There must've been some fraud happening in the middle. It's because they are making her wear fakes that her shoe looks like htat. What kind of boot will have their sole come off like that?ㅋㅋㅋ SM are total thugs

2. [+70, -1]
It's a relief that she wasn't hurt... what will they do if she fell?ㅜㅠ

3. [+69, -3]
I was looking at her face so I didn't even know that her show was coming off.....

4. [+42, -6]
Wow how is that possible? Karina is seriously impressive..

5. [+19, -2[
Seriously, she's getting even prettier? Is this for real? This gif was from the SM concert

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