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1. [+240, -96]
I don't care if she's on stage, I hate these types of outfits... It reminds me of Justin Bieber

2. [+169, -39]
You Dotaeb*tches (T/n: refers to women (and men) who are unable to date/marry because of their lack of specs/looks/sociability) who scream about women rights yet bash female idols more than anyone else while making up controversies, I'm really curious about how your brains work. For male communities, since you guys are blatantly misogynistic, I've already given up on you. However, why are we seeing posts like those every day on a female community? Can't you guys not view female idols prettily at all? Your motto is to stop women hate and give women rights no? You guys are praising girls who similar pig-like bodies as you guys and when they're showing off their skin, you guys praise them for their courage, meanwhile for a pretty girl who is managing herself, it makes your neck blood veins pop. What you guys are going is abandoning women rights and straight up objectifying womenㅋ

3. [+162, -31]
You're making up your own controversiesㅋㅋ

4. [+159, -11]
Wow how can she have no belly fat... 

5. [+171, -73]
Those clothes are disgusting 

6. [+79,- 13]
OP has evil intentions 

7. [+69, -4]
Minnie isn't at fault here but why are clothes getting so weird lately...? They have those under-boob clothes and the clothes don't even look like clothes anymore 

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