ㅇㅇ Just looking at this pic, she looks handsome in a delicate way

By the way, when I say that girls look handsome, it means that they transcend looking pretty... I'm not saying that "she looks like a man" but she's kinda like Jun Jihyun, they are both pretty in a handsome way

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1. [+80, -20]
It's good to be the standard handsome-pretty. It means that she's popular both with guys and girls

2. [+71, -16]
Whether she looks masculine or not, first of all, she looks so pretty in a clean way..

3. [+62, -12]
Being pretty is the best

4. [+58, -13]
She looks like a pretty boy from sageuks

6. [+51, -20]
But saying that she's "masculine" kinda has a "rough" connocation while Minji's looks are innocent ㅇㅇ She's totally first-love-material. Just like An Yujin, they match innocent and clean image well. But being pretty is the ebst 

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