1. A foreign fan found Huh Yunjin's account

The real name of the account is also Huh Yunjin
The songs that the account recommended were also songs that Huh Yunjin mentioned in her official account
"Rainy weekend
I hope you eat something delicious to end the day warmly~
p.s. night walks are good too (kk)"

At this rate, it made me wonder "it's possible that their names overlap so how is this proof?"

2. The irrefutable thing is her drawing

Huh Yunjin's drawings of Le Sserafim, herself and that account
It's not just the drawings, the colors and coloring are the same
The drawings above were her usualy drawing
The drawing at the bottom won't even come up even if you Googled it

At this rate, it's 100% sure that this is Huh Yunjin's profile

3. How can I know that the man in the picture is Yeonjun?

It's a drawing that was made on 22/9 and his styling is similar to Yeonjun's at that time

If his hair color, clothes and timeline were similar, it could be unsure but Yeonjun's piercing was silver and even the shape of his piercing and the placement of his earrings were the same

On top of that, even Huh Yunjin's earrings were the same as hers
(Hers were gold and her boyfriend's were silver)

+ On 15 nights, there were evidences of their secret relationship

Yeonjunie tried to come behind Yunjin but Kazuha came in the end

So in the end, Kazuha was behind Huh Yunjin and Yeonjun was behind Kazuha

Huh Yunjin pushed Kazuha to the front and ended in front of Yeonjunie
In the end, they changed places and the two ended up side by side

I'll add more proofs in the comments

I think that they match. Yeonjun is a '99 liner and Huh Yunjin is a '01 liner

And this was the reaction on a women's community site
(Vote about the current idols' dating rumor - 91% think it's true)
- The drawing is way too..
- Was her self-composed song all about love?
> No no , it was about the man getting hate
- The piercing and drawing were way too similar to their real selves
- But they are seriously, that's such a good death(?)... if you think about this being a commoner BJ, it's such a good death. Just accept this you fans..

Over 90% think it's real
The drawing is too irrefutable

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original post: here

1. [+189, -68]
Because of the drawing, it's just irrefutable 
"The way the lines and colors are used are the same. How can this be fake? Even putting them side by side, there's no sense of disparity at all and the tones are the same"

2. [+179, -78]
There's this one too. Why would she take a picture with a big gap on the right and with Yeonjun in the screencap and go "I hove you"?ㅋㅋ
"Yup I love you, yup I'll cry"

3. [+162, -59]
I thought that I-roaches were just being delusional with their shipping but the proofs are too clear

4. [+148, -60]
What wrong did Kazuha do? Just because she was caught in between an office romance

5. [+145, -78]
Her lyrics talk about getting hate for weight and nose surgery but they were all about her boyfriend, f*cking gunnyㅋㅋㅋ
"- Was her self-composed song all about love?
> No no , it was about the man getting hate"
(Screencaps of hate posts about Yeonjun's nose and weight)
(Conversation in the MV
- Yah have you seen this picture
- ㅇㅇ their nose got ruinedㅋㅋㅋ
- Plastic surgery monsterㅋㅋ they also f*cking gained weight
- They just became hugeㅋㅋㅋ)

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