[enter-talk] V WENT LIVE

Jungkook was playing games with his friends and he got bored so he went live

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1. [+75, -3]
It's a shirt that was gifted to him by a fan in 2018
"Is this real life?..
I wanted to see Taehyungie wearing pink so ㅠ
At the end, I sent him as a giftㅠㅠ
Pink.. pink TaeTae😭💜
Is too pretty ㅠㅠ It suits him ㅠㅠ
Thank youㅠㅠ"

2. [+59, -6]
It looks like he has a bare face, handsome

3. [+55, -5]
He's just a bare faced pretty boy

4. [+44, -1]
That's an expensive strawberry to Taehyungie
"What moms think that world class idol's standard of expensive strawberries is"
"Taehyungie's standard of expensive strawberries (your usual delivery strawberry)"

5. [+45, -5]
F*cking handsome

6. [+33, 0]
I like Kim V so so much. The live was too short in a tantalizing way ㅋ

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