"Blackpink Jennie 'lonesome back side'"

She ignored all the journalists and fans who waited for her at the airport and didn't even look at them once

For reference, the other members all made eye contact with tthe fans and greeted the journalists well

It's not the first or second time that Jennie acts this way. The other members are all greeting and smiling just fine and talking with fans but she's the only one hiding her face and lowering her head..

I hope that Jennie could fix this attitude
I'll understand if she said that she didn't want to be a celebrity so that's why she's acting this way

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1. [+191, -79]
Do you hate Jennie this much? She did do her greetings. Why are you bullsh*tting as if she didn't?

2. [+187, -81]
Are these two dating because they are similar? Or because they are dating, they started resembling one another? They must be birds of a feather

3. [+158, -55]
Reminds me of that person..

4. [+104, -60]
She turned back to greet the people but you deleted that part? The Bangtan akgaes are back at it again talking about "that person". F*cking leave them alone you ARMY-Gallery-b*tches

5. [+97, -40]
People say that they are starting to resemble each other and seems like it's trye

6 .[+58, -28]
'That person' received shields from fans saying that he was tired and that celebrities are humans too but why are you guys like this towards Jennie?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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