The fans told her to not remove it thoughㅠ 

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1. [+73, -1]
The fans loved it so she should've just left it, but because the mole was getting bigger, she decided to remove it 

2. [+71, -1]
She must've reconsidered it a lot.. Of course she'd know that the fans would be disappointed, so she told the fans on Bubble before doing it ㅠ She said that the mole was getting bigger so she removed it 

3. [+60, -0]
If people are disappointed over this, they can just redo it with makeup. It's better to remove it when it's getting bigger

4. [+27, 28]
She's way better without the mole. Twice Chaeyoung also should remove her chin moel 

5. [+22,- 2]
I removed my mole that was growing bigger and it grew back, but it's not growing anymore. I hope that the fans won't be too disappointed

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