Is a guy called Kim Dong-yun from DRIPPIN'

His girlfriend = a sasaeng fan from Woollim since 2019

They've apparently only started to date recently..

Because of her blog posts and pictures, people are speculating that she's Kimg Dong-yun's girlfriend

"He's meeting when he has no schedules, both of us are hopeless so it's pretty funny

But can someone tell him to stop wearing his padded jacket?
Tell him to wear something pretty instead...
He's wearing his elementary schooler padding every time and it's freaking annoying

ㅋ Ah we were taking the first picture but every time we met eyes, we were trying to hold back our laughter so I almost died"

"(First screenshot is OP winning to attend a DRIPPIN' event)

Wow I won? Me?

I'm going out of loyalty
I'm no longer a die-hard fangirl"

"(Writing on bottle: I have a lot of hardships ㅜ Ssalong(?)

Don't upload pictures without filtering them
Why? Because I'm not their fan
Thanks to you, I got to see idols
Die-hard fangirls, go eat some food"

"Before going to Lotte World, he seemed to be wishing DREAMINs a good day through private messages but he pretended to go on a schedule while he was on a date with his girlfriend?🤣 Thanks to @513like's good company, they went to a date at Lotte World with Minseo (T/N: DRIPPIN's Minseo was previously caught making advances to a fan)💞 A double date is too romantic.."

original post: here

1. Wow

2. Hul

3. Who are they?

4. Hul, I've heard of this group's name before

5. Is he the guy who went on Produce..?

6. Wow isn't he a rookie?

7. Where did they get these proofs??

6. No but there are so many egg accounts making fake stories up... can we really believe this?

7. Isn't he Kim Dong-yun from Produce? His personality looked fine though.. interesting

8. I'm gonna stay neutral... I'm not sure about this

9. I feel like they'll release a statement tomorrow

10. What are the proofs?? How can we know if we can trust that egg account??

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