[life stories] AN YUJIN IS CRAZY NOWADAYS...

 She shot 3 CFs in a row, got cast in Bbong Bbong District Arcade season 2 and today, she appeared on the covers of Feb edition of BAZAAR... Her covers are so pretty and she matches Fendi like a glove

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1. [+37, -8]
Personally, I think that An Yujin will have a longer career than Jang Wonyoung

2. [+35, 0]
I'm a big fan of strong facial features but also a big fan of strong aura.. her visuals are seriously so strong..

3. [+26, 0]
I'm a fan of Yujinie and I'm so happy nowadays. The reactions to her at year end award shows were so good and she's also freaking pretty in this pictorial

4. [+13, 0]
That's right, she's really crazy. She was selected as Fendi's ambassador...ㄷㄷ

5. [+11, 0]
I'm in my last month of pregnancy and I've been getting prenatal education through Yujinieㅋㅋㅋㅋ At first, I just thought that she was pretty but after seeing her on 15 Nights, I found her so mannerly. She had a good vibe and she laughed even when it wasn't funny... I hope that our daughter will grow up like Yunjinie too

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