A few days ago, I saw a girl in the busy streets at night and her face shape really looked like an egg. She had bright brown hair and didn't have any bangs. From her forehead to her chin, her face shape was totally that of an egg. Her forehead was also shinning... I'm not talking about it being reflective but it really was shiny like enamel;;

Her face was different than those who did double-jaw surgery, face contouring or who got fidders. She couldn't stop smiling but her face look in such pain?... It kinda feels like her skin wasn't human skin. It just looked so strange. Her skin didn't look dry, oily nor rough but it kinda gave off that plastic vibe? She looked like a mannequin. I'm not sure what she put in her face but it made her face look big, like a puffed up egg... To be honest, she looked pretty scary. I was scared to make eye contact with her so I turned away and I don't remember if she was pretty or not.

People say that plastic surgery is all about people's own satisfaction but I've never found a face that was too obviously plastic pretty. It looks scary and I also don't know where to direct my gaze. Even sausage-looking eyes or super sharp nose that obviously got worked on don't give off that scary feling. But overfilled long chin and forehead and puffed up aegyo-sals just make me severely repulsed. 

People in their early to mid-20's seem to blend in well with the population even if their surgery is obvious but when they reach their 30's there's just a sense of alienation. As you age, your makeup becomes lighter and skin that has been worked on with plastic surgery will never match up to the skin of someone in their 10's or 20's... 

Do you guys prefer facecs with obvious plastic surgery? Even though double chins, boxy jaw or recessing chin aren't pretty, I find obvious surgery even worse. I never find those faces pretty nor young-looking. I can only think that they got too much work done.

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It's gross and it's because it's gross that I stare. I think "wow so you can feel so much sense of 'foreign matter' from someone's face". When I go to the swimming pool of a famous hotel, I find plastic surgery monsters in their 30's and 40's way more gross than plastic surgery monsters in their 20's. The dad and kid look the same but the mom's forehead and cheeks are about to explode of foreign matter.

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If you look at the moms account on Insta... all their faces look the same....

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They look pretty on pictures but in real life... they look gross

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My eyes just feel uncomfortable... I never think of whether they look pretty or not. I seriously feel like they look too artificial and it hurts my eyes

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If their surgery is obvious, no matter how pretty they look, I can't find them pretty

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