"Supplementary explanation:
Starting one week before menstruation, women are harassed by unusual appetite (or s*xual desires)

→ 3 days before menstruation, women become depressed beyond control

→ Around the day before menstruation, women become sensitive and get angry easily

→ Start menstruation. Suffering from menstrual cramps and frequent bleeding day and night for several days

→ When menstruation ends, we are the world

Repeat this process every month for 500 times over 40 years"

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1. [+127, -3]
Seriously, there are even times that I think to myself that I look like a crazy b*tch. Even without any triggers, I get suic*dal thoughts from my hormones alone but after a few days, I become at peace again without any remedy. F*cking hormones.

2. [+92, -1]
I don't know about anything else but the change in appetite is for real Seriously, even if I keep on eating, my stomach doesn't feel full at all. But once my menstruation starts, my appetite just disappears

3. [+65, -4]
The week before, I get body aches, headaches, abdominal pain, diarrhea, migraines, and vomiting... When I start thinking that things are getting too severe, I would start eating pain killers while laying down to endure through everything. I was so happy when I was pregnant because I didn't have to deal with periodsㅠㅠ but as soon as my periods start, all the symptoms disappear and since I go through this every month, my husband says that he feels bad for me every month ㅠ.ㅠ He said that I looks like a sad puppy laying down..

4. [+48, -2]
My appetite just changes for a week. I don't get affected by anything else but when my periods start, my appetite just disappears

5. [+26, 0]
I get mad so easily before my periodsㅠㅠ I would constantly get mad over the smallest things. I just can't control my emotions

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