There's a f*ck ton of girls who would never be able to acknowledge a girl for being pretty even if anyone could tell that she's cute and that she's good looking. These girls also don't understand why such pretty girl is famous among guys.

They would f*cking hype up girls that they find pretty only in their own eyes and compliment them a lot. There was this girl who looks like Winter? and other girls would say "I don't know what's pretty about her" and if someone calls her pretty, they would reply in a way to imply that they don't get the hype.

Seriously, even among my friends, there are so many girls like that. They would only acknowledge pretty girls if they are a wall while looking down on kids who look like Eunchae, Kim Chaewon or Winterㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ If a girl is popular, they would make a fuss about her looking average.

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1. [+328, -67]
But they act like that because they seriously don't see what's pretty about them... I'm not trying to look down on them, I just don't think that they are pretty

2. [+320, -72]
This is just a difference in taste. The same applies for YouTuber Jinjalim...? I'm not sure if those cute-looking kind of girls are exactly what you call "pretty". Also, only below-average men would fanboy of girls like them so I don't even feel any inferiority complex (T/n: Jinjalim for reference)

3. [+185, -39]
There's a difference between someone who's pretty-easy-on-the-eye and someone who's just pretty. Eunchae and Kim Chaewon are honestly cute and are easy to the eyes. But they don't make people go "wow, f*cking pretty"

4. [+165, -11]
I honestly question my own eyes when I see girls who are clearly not that pretty on Insta but who gets a ton of comments calling them "princess~~" and things like that... The most I can say to someone who's not pretty is "she's cute" but someone needs to be genuinely pretty for me to call them "pretty"

5. [+81, -2]
Looking down on them is problematic but if they don't find them pretty, it's just up to their taste..

6. [+74, -2]
But I find Karina, Winter, Hong Eunchae, Jennie, Jisoo, Irene, etc... and faces like theirs f*cking pretty but I'm not sure what's pretty about faces like Jo Yuri, Choi Yena or Jinjalim

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