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No but f*ck, my mom and dad have gotten a divorce for a long time now
But she's been dating her current boyfriend for around 2 years (She met him after getting the divorce)

But mom told my a few days ago that she got pregnant, f*ck..
So she was wondering what to do and said that she was gonna give birth but that I shouldn't tell anything to my dongsaeng. So I gave her the ok

Ha.. f*ck, but the issue starts here..

My dongsaeng was eating yupdduk yesterday, f*ck, and suddenly, she told me that she was pregnant. So I asked her if she was joking and said "are you sure that it's not because of your stomach fat?ㅋ" and joked around her? (We usually joke this way)

But the vibe suddenly turned sour and she said that she wasn't joking;
She was like "seriously, what should I do?" and burst out crying
To be honest, I and my dongsaeng share our worries to one another a lot
So I think that she was just sharing hers with me..
Ha.. so I asked her whose baby it was and f*ck, she said that she met some guy in real life and that somehow, they ended up "doing it" once.. ha... seriously.. what to do?

I told her to talk about it later and that I won't tell mom so that we can discuss it later and went into my room..

F*ck, what am I supposed to do? Seriously... I'm f*cking perplexed. I also am just 20 y.o and my dongsaeng is barely 18. Seriously, what should we do?

Please give me some advice.. I'm begging

I can't even tell her to have the child so I'm f*cking torn...

Please don't swear at my mom and my dongsaeng and please give me realistic and serious advice

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1. [+482, -2]
Your dongsaeng absolutely needs to get rid of it

2. [+235, -7]
Have you been watching High School Mom and Dad?ㅋㅋㅋ This is freaking fake

3. [+171, -9]
First of all, you should calm your dongsaeng down and tell your mom about it and talk about it all together with your mom. She absolutely needs to get an abortion. In my opinion, I feel like your mom should also get an abortion. It won't be easy to raise a kid again who is 20 years younger than the first daughter. Seriously, I think that it's gonna be very difficult. Also, your dongsaeng needs proper s*x ed. Don't tell her that she can't do it but that she cannot do it with someone that she sees for the first time, that she needs to use protection and things like that

4. [+123, -4]
She needs an abortion, what else?

5. [+120, -2]
Your dongsaeng has to get an abortion... 18 y.o means that she's just some kidㅜ

6. [+46, 0]
Wow.. I seriously have never accused a story of being fake but this one is too fake

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