A person who is sometimes sexually aroused by a subject but does not feel sexual attraction towards the subject

Autochoris is a term coined by Anthony Bogat, and its fundamental meaning is 'erotic love in which the individual does not participate'.

It is a type of asexuality in that it does not feel sexual attraction, and specifically, it is a separation from the object of sexual excitement and oneself.

You may feel sexual arousal in response to erotica (sensual erotica) or pornography (sex for sexual stimulation), but you have no desire to engage in the sexual relationship.

In other words, they feel sexual excitement by watching porn or having erotic imaginations, and masturbate as a way to relieve the excitement. However, you substitutes yourself for someone else and do not have a relationship with anyone else, and has no desire to have one.

You may be autochorissexual if:

* You are aroused by sexual content, but do not want to actually engage in any sexual activity yourself.
* You masturbate but feel neutral or unwilling to have sex with another person.
* When you fantasize about sex, you use other (fictitious) characters rather than yourself.
And/or you see it through your eyes in third person, as if you were watching it on TV, rather than imagining it in first person.
* You fantasize about fictional characters or celebrities rather than most or all of the people you actually know.
* You identify as asexual and do not feel sexual attraction to people. However, you still masturbate and feel sexually aroused by porn

and/or have sexual fantasies.

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1. That's literally me 

2. For me, I can't even imagine these things and I also don't watch sex related content. Obviously, I also don't have any urges either and just the thought of breeding is repulsive to me. I'm not married and I don't intend to do so. So I can definitely not relate to anything in the post

3. Hmm... I do feel like I can love someone moderately and there are instances where I have some urges, but I've never really felt attracted to anyone. What would I be? Is that also a type of asexuality?

4. I don't really feel any need to search for porn ㅋㅋㅋㅋ But I feel like this someone describes me the mostㅋㅋㅋ I don't mind doing it with my boyfriend...But I don't have any urges to do it ㅜ

5. Hul that's me

6. I feel like these kinds of studies are needed to study more about how different people can be 

7. I'm honestly like that 

8. I'm aotochorissexual 

9. I feel like there ar elots of people like that?

10. This sounds more like misaligned sexual development... 

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