"6 characteristics of people who don't gain weight

1. Even when they eat something they like, because they have small appetite, they can't eat a lot of it
2. There's nothing in particular that they want to eat and they don't feelt hunger either
3. They find the process of preparing to eat tiring so they just don't eat
4. They don't like the feeling of being full so they only eat just enough and leave the rest
5. They chew food thoroughly and slowly to the point of making people who watch them eat feel frustrated
6. Because they are physically active, their body has no time to gain weight
7. They have the motae-fat-type of body that everyone is jealous of😎 (T/N: they don't gain weight no matter what)"

I didn't even know that this was possible

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1. Seeing the people around me, there are cases of #1 and #6

2. My stomach is sick so as soon as I eat something too greasy or hot, I need to go to the bathroom. An oriental doctor said that I had a very inefficient body because of its low nutrient absorption rate.

3. I think that being born with it is the biggest factor

4. Seeing the skinny people around me, it's always #5

5. I think it's also between cases where their digestive system is too good or too poor so the food stays unabsorbed

6. Anyone who eats too much food will gain weight eventually. I think that having a small appetite plays the biggest role

7. My friend is #1 and #6 and they are always hanging out around and when they are hungry, they go "yah let's order everything" but always leave a ton of foodㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. 6 and 7. If I even skip one meal, I lose all my strength

9. But when you age, you naturally get fat even if you maintain the same lifestyle

10. I'm 3, 4 and 5 but I lost weight after getting a job... I ate worse food than when I was unemployed and increased my physical activity so I lost 3 kg in 2 months

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