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1. She's too pretty when she smiles\

2. I like how her outfits don't shout "I'm wearing Chanel!!!!"

3. These are simple outfits but are so pretty

4. So elegant

5. Her bags are Chanel but are her outfits Chanel?

6. I wonder how Chanel ended up picking Kim Goeun. Usually, they would go for that fancy image so this is a bit unexpected but in the end, their synergy with Kim Goeun was amazing. She looks natural and simple but also elegant and luxurious. It doesn't look obvious that she put a lot of effort into dolling herself and she has that easy-going aura

7. Her daily outfits are pretty

8. Kim Goeun kinda has that strong Celine vibe but unexpectedly suits Chanel a lot

9. She looks comfortable and pretty

10. Her hair looks thin but not empty, I'm jealous...ㅠㅠㅠ

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