(T/N: this story is becoming controversial on other community sites too)

"I was suspecting my eyes when I took the picture..
At that time, I was only looking at my wife so I wasn't aware but
There's someone wearing white at my wedding ceremony?!!!
She was dressed in white from her hair tie down to her feet..
She was insisting that she was wearing beige but the people who were there all said that she was wearing white..
Does that color really look beige to you?
She's seriously shameless..
Just why on earth would she do that?! It's not like it was her first time attending a wedding either..
Because of her, there are so many pictures that will need editing..
Besides, why would she come next to me wearing that white clothing?"

The angry groom and bride went to complain to the girl dressed in white
And she replied saying "it's my choice, if you get married again, I'll wear black so don't worry"
Also the angry bride revealed her identity on Insta and people have started sending her personal attacks so they are having a huge fight

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1. She wore those shoes backwards???? Freaking scary 

2. No but they should've at least arranged the standing position in the picture. She's standing way too much at the front. What is this?..

3. But she's really wearing her shoes backwards

4. People are making weird assumptions about her wearing her shoes backwards but I just think that the woman is short so she's wearing super high heels....

5. But when you zoom in the picture, you can see that she wore her shoes properly...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ she didn't wear them backwards

6. Screw off to the back...

7. Wow... I would not want to meet someone like her... It's indeed scary to ruin someone else's wedding picture.

8. I'm definitely cheering for the bride here. If my dongsaeng was the bride, I would've thrown salt at a person like her to her wedding...

9. Hul why must she stand next to the bride...

10. It's because they are commoners that people are refraining to comment on this...ㅎㅎㅎ....

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