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1. Hanni is so good 

2. It feels like I gave birth to Hanni

3. Hyein is better than I thought I was so shocked 

4. Hanni is so good and Hyein must've been born with that voice 

5. Hanni baby master singer🥰🥰

6. Why is Hyein so good...??? She's daebak 

7. Minji is the rapper?

8. Hanni did the best, the other ones also sang well and they were cute

9. Oh they did well, as expected Hanni is the best. Hyein also did good. They're god babies 

10. They're way too good? Hanni is center-worthy and Danielle and Hyein also did well. Haerin did well, but her voice was too small. And Minji sounds like the CD too 

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