They broke the record of the shortest amount of time to sell 1M copies for a single album since debut

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1. Crazy 👍

2. Looks like they'll be able to sell 1M copies in their first week sales for their next album ㄷㄷ

3. So they broke the record of the fastest 1M copies sold after debut?

4. It hasn't even been 1 year since they debuted. This is daebak. They were able to seize the fandom and the general public 

5. Maybe this is the fastest record ever since debut, but I'm seeing so many people try to mediaplay physical sales nowadays that it's becoming more and more meaningless to me.. Even if you were able to sell this much at a later time, it still means that you're doing good no?

6. Even without this article, we already know how impressive they are. I feel like people are just making up records at this point just to show off

7. Is this based on the 4th gen?

8. What kind of record is this? Is this the first record after debut ?

9. Wow congrats

10. Crazy congrats congrats

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